Wild Garden Wallpaper

This project was inspired by the lush tropical gardens, of Amethyst’s Wild Garden cafe, Chennai. After a month of studying and sketching plants from the Amethyst Garden, the drawings were designed to make a wallpaper for the interiors of the cafe, thus 'bringing in the outdoors'.  The Wild Garden Wallpaper is a 100 feet long, non- repeating panorama.This project was in collaboration with Tilla, a design studio in Ahmedabad.

Wallpaper at Amethyst, Wild Garden Cafe, Chennai

Plant studies done at the Wild Garden Cafe
5.8*8.3 inches
Graphite pencil, Charcoal and Pen, Water colour on Watercolour paper

Wildgarden Panorama
11*90 ft.
Photo credits: Saloni Agarwal

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