The Risha Project
Research and Documentation

The Risha is a traditional narrow breast cloth woven and worn by the women many indigenous communties living in Tripura, a state situated in the North East of India. The Risha project is an ongoing project that is working with the revival of the weaving techniques and traditional motifs of some of these communities.
My work in the initial leg of this project involved documentation and research on the breast cloth involving technical textile studies, and understanding the socio cultural aspects of the communities in which this textile existed. I illustrated and co-authored a book- ‘Risha: A Narrow Piece of Cloth’, which catalogues vintage breast cloths along with old found pictures that narrate the story of the the textile and its evolution.

This project was carried out as a part of my illustration and design work with Tilla, a design studio in Ahmedabad. The book “Risha: A Narrow Piece of Cloth’ is under process of publication.

Paddy Field, Gamchakobra village, Tripura

Pages from ‘Risha: A narrow piece of cloth’

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