Teacher Plus

Teacher plus is a monthly magazine that is mainly aimed at school teachers in India and focusses on education at school level and the various contexts and concerns that revolve around it. The magazine is funded by Azim Premji University, Hyderabad. 

Cover Illustration- ‘What Makes a Teacher’
September 2017
10.25*7.75 inches
Pen on paper+Digital Colouring

Poster Design and Illustration- ‘Rocks’
January 2017
10.25*15.5 inches
Pen on paper+Digital Colouring

Spot Illustration- ‘Contextualizing Sikkim’
December 2019
7*7 inches
Brush Pen and Watercolour on paper

Cover Illustration- ‘Start, Camera, Caution!’
November 2016
10.25*7.75 inchesPen on paper+Digital Colouring

Cover Illustration- ‘The Travel Imperitive’
March 2016
10.25*7.75 inches
Pen and Photo Ink on paper

Cover Illustration- ‘Math Mandala’
May 2020
10.25*7.75 inches
Brush pen and Digital Illustration

Spot Illustration - ‘Caring For the Natural World’
article by Roshen Dalal

10.25*7.75 inches
Pen on Paper+ Digital Colouring

Photo credits: Saloni Agarwal

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