How Food Grows
Textile Print Design

A collection of screen printed textiles that were based on the inquiry of how food grows. Taking some of the common vegetables and herbs used in Indian cuisine, the illustrations showed them in stages before they reach the local markets. The prints were made from different mediums such as digital photography, hand illustrations and paper cutting.
This project was in collaboration with Tilla, a design studio in Ahmedabad for their home products.The collection was exhibited and sold at BoConcept, Ahmedabad.


‘Methi’- Fenugreek Plant

‘Dhaniya’ - Coriander

‘Adrak’- Ginger

‘Pyaaz’- Onion

‘Matar’- Pea
Exhibition at BoConcept, Ahmedabad

Photo credits: Aratrik Dev Varman, Tilla Studio, Ahmedabad

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